We are a community of creatives connected by common dreams of a new world whose foundations are peace, inspiration and creativity. We believe that the individual development of creativity is the first step in realizing one's full personal potential. Art, science and morality meet at the center of human consciousness and guide its evolution, therefore we are dedicated to encouraging a holistic approach to life. We create opportunities, actively participate in making changes, support innovations and encourage dialogue of different opinions. By exploring tradition, we nurture heritage, and by discovering new ways of expression, we contribute to positive personal and social changes.

     What are we doing?


    We develop work with young people in rural areas

    Work with young people

    We encourage volunteering, self-organization and quality spending of free time by young people by providing basic spatial and material conditions for young people. We conduct education for people who work with young people in the area of ​​interreligious and intercultural dialogue, media and digital literacy, and prevention of radicalization of young people.

    We advocate quality policies for young people

    Youth policies

    We actively contribute to the inclusion of young people, especially those from rural areas, in democratic decision-making processes that concern young people. We participate in the development of public policies for young people, basing our advocacy on relevant evidence. We cooperate with research institutes, local and regional self-government units and decision-makers to create better opportunities for young people in Zadar County.

    We give a creative impulse to the development of rural communities

    Social entrepreneurship

    We conduct entrepreneurial activities through the performance of socially responsible economic activities and encourage the self-sustainable development of rural communities based on local resources, and natural and cultural heritage. We develop a socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit among young people by conducting info campaigns, and holding lectures and workshops in the field of green and social entrepreneurship.

    We generate creative energy

    Culture and art

    We encourage the development of an independent cultural scene in the field of visual and musical arts through intersectoral cooperation and generate creative energy in rural areas by developing and implementing programs in the field of culture and art. We gather creative people and ensure the conditions for realizing the development of human potential and creativity.

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