Headquartered in Mauritius, SYAH is a regional organisation that unites, mobilizes, and empowers young leaders of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Africa and Asia, with the aim to combine expertise across these islands in advance development towards a more sustainable planet.
SYAH is working with you to tap into today’s greatest global challenges.

We are an impact-driven NGO that focus on key projects of developing countries in the Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Mediterranean and the South China Sea, working towards a more sustainable tomorrow. SYAH implements cross-border programmes through support to small islands’ initiatives; builds law enforcement networks; campaigns to bring active awareness of climate change and educate & train young people on how to create positive waves on the environment towards a more sustainable planet. The urgency is real out there! Time is not what we have anymore – 

We need to act NOW!


It all began in July 2013 in Seychelles…
… A collection of passionate young people and leaders gathered at the UNESCO Regional Youth Meeting held with UNICEF and other partners.
Moment of truth striked!
The geographical dispersion of Small Islands Developing States in Africa and Asia weakened their power to make a difference…
… Challenges were rooted deeply!
Poor access to resources for young leaders working in green enterprises and for sustainable projects.
Lack of support to run advocacy campaigns nationally, regionally and internationally
Hands were tangled and passion to make a difference pressed on pause…
… The need to set up a regional network became essential

… To ignite the passion and enable young leaders across the region to come together to collaborate on addressing common challenges

SYAH is the only regional organisation that connects young people from Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Africa and Asia so that they can collaboratively advance sustainable development across these islands.