ALTERA VITA is a scientific research Centre based in Syros-Cyclades in Greece and implements education and awareness programs, in the areas of Environment, Culture and Social Intervention, at the community level.

Experts with special knowledge, experience and training in their subject offer the opportunity for trainees to follow a flexible program to increase social and professional changes in areas such as the Social Economy, Health Promotion, Organic Farming, Environment and Sustainable Development, the Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Psychology, new technologies.

 ALTERA VITA organizes domestic and transnational training courses on a wide range of topics. It has vast experience in the management and coordination of European projects. It supports youth and mobility activities in a wide range of sectors related to education & training.

We organize training courses onsite, online or through blended methods.

Our distance learning system is based on the use of our e-Learning MOODLE platform

We participate in a lot of ERASMUS + projects and we have the responsibility for the development of E-Courses for these projects.

 ALTERA VITA is also an active member of the European Network of Youth Theatre The Young European Theatre network was born out of the European Young Theatre Meetings which have been taking place in Grenoble since 1989. It was formalized during the seminar which was held in May 2004 in Grenoble and which brought together participants from 18 European countries and non-Europeans.

 Altera Vita participates in the European Network of Social AuthoritiesENSA is a network of cities and European Regions that has the aim of promoting international cooperation in the social field

The ENSA Network counts 73 members from 16 different countries, a network of cities and European Regions that has the aim of promoting international cooperation in the social field.

The present coordination of the thematic ENSA working group- Wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning - is led by the Social Cooperative of Cyclades-ALTERA VITA-Greece, represented by Miltos Sakellariou, Family Therapist, Prevention Counselor in Addiction, Chairman of the Board and founding member of ALTERA VITA.

Social Cooperative of Cyclades
Kepos-Manna, 84100 Syros 
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